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Topic subjectwomen don't lift heavy boxes.
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60324, women don't lift heavy boxes.
Posted by Complex, Thu Sep-14-06 04:04 PM
(for black women)

Women don't lift heavy boxes.
Not because they can't, they just don't have to.
We can pick and choose battles;
sometimes we can't pick or choose burdens.
Women don't lift heavy boxes
when they begin to lose purpose.

Not because they can't,
'cuz it looks like some of ya'll can.
So some of ya'll become bodybuilders, ballerinas, & gymnasts
or that person w/o a penis or gender
who seems to forget the very reason
sexuality exists 'cuz...
they've got nothing to prove.

Can't play w/ the big boys? Start your own league.
Yet can play with the men, just ask Michelle Wie.

Women don't lift heavy boxes,
'cuz the only ones they 'posed to lift is Betty Crocker's.
Check, they can bat their eyelids
and convince you that you're strong enough to do anything
(even if you aren't yet)
just to get the furniture moved into their new apartment..
And a real man would buy dinner
after he got finished.

You know, my mom taught me how to lift heavy boxes,
but sometimes I wonder what's the point.

60333, interesting.
Posted by STIMULI, Thu Sep-14-06 10:13 PM
where have you been hiding yo self?



60398, RE: interesting.
Posted by Complex, Mon Sep-18-06 03:53 PM
>where have you been hiding yo self?

Umm, in the world. Just living I guess. Wrote a little something, wanted to see how the OKP's felt about it.

Up for the home team.
60472, RE: interesting.
Posted by Pure, Wed Sep-20-06 10:50 PM
I liked it. Has a sort of sadness to it.