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61920, RE: Off the top(add on)
Posted by Street Disciple, Sun Nov-19-06 05:32 PM
From the second I wrote my first line, I thought I created a hit,
holdin my notes in my hand, in my head replayin' that shit
imaginin' past dreams, yo let me describe the moment I had it,
watchin' the future before me, like im standin close enough to just grab it,
Hopin I won't fail,cuz nobody knows the emotion--its tragic,
like im against the ropes and my fateful blow is apparent,
but im still here with the pen, hopin somebodys listens and is open to share with
Cuz I've been hated, shitted on, forgotten, and though i still know that im cherished
i still thrive for the day, that im able to share with the world my life on a page
Kickin flows to the public, wavin' below lights on a stage