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Topic subjectFoot stepz Pt.2
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59844, Foot stepz Pt.2
Posted by ak_reborn, Sat Aug-26-06 07:48 PM

Yo,I grew-up to take life in moderation,
no fools paradise,
where fools with big jewells and flashy ties
just a pair of hi-top nikeys,
a new york track-suit and a cap made me happy,
a trim every now n then,
so when i see my lady friends,
i can feel real,
no hustlin for a twenty,or actin like i got a record deal,
onda real,
i was minor,
no celeb life was finer,
just kickin back,playin snap,
playin run outs on my block,
neglecting the clock,
coz when you young,time is minority,
its about care-free moments,but when you age,
every second is prioty,
like steppin on stage,
you feel ill,
but when you get spittin,then lyrically,you kill,
this is how i respond to the days that follow...
life size foot steps...