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Topic subjectthe inner hustle
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59781, the inner hustle
Posted by Nathaniel, Fri Aug-25-06 04:13 PM
never wanted this life
the dip and the dive
the jive
the unmentionable sadness of the late nite
when what you want most
is out of reach
and out of line
who's lines?
many, but a nigga has tapped in
many times
to that other self
that allows me to wild all the way the fuck out
guzzle beer
like evian, smoke my buddha
with the fervent swagger of my grandfather
he carried a pipe since my eyes saw him
he was quiet, yet strong
defiantly set in his ways, but yet a listener
that shit is me all day son
I am my father's son and my grandfather's legacy
to me
people hate what they can't put their thumb on
I am a thumb tack my nigga
I hate being boxed
and I won't be ignored
so catch that (22) ways
I am an enigma to myself on a bad day
and imagine your frustration
trying to holla at the man you knew
when men and him barely see each other.

my inner hustle tells me: "persevere"
My oustide man says it's way too much for me son...

I've been in and out of this bodice for 10 years, 10 long years with my vocality as my release and my handsome exterior my protection, for some odd reason it's hard to totally crush the feelings of a good looking dude...I know this for fact, cause I would push normally mild mammered individuals into my adventure deemed psychosis and they would all topple and fall like I thought...even though they said they would never...and that no matter what....

i listen to both dudes...but honestly two grown folks can't control the same body, LORD!, help be on the way, before I crack and more than 2 of my inconsistencies be on display for the world-at-large.

Nathaniel's music is here : http://angelfire.com/droid/n_thomas

Nathaniel's Inspirations (include): Jesus, kim burrell, bilal, d. hathaway, h. walker, s. combs, langston hughes, shawn mclemore, anaysha and timiney figeuroa...