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Topic subjectYoung n Lite
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59442, Young n Lite
Posted by ak_reborn, Thu Aug-17-06 07:43 AM

Young n Lite,
i flow round the ring like an ali fight,
jab,jab move,
stick and move is the idea,
keepin it smoothe,
knock em out is the criteria,
im crude,
heres a clue,
justs suttin for you to chew,
the towel drenched in blood,
coz im foul,
stung by a wasp,
flowin like a river,
that right hook to your eye is making you shiver,
you frail peace of meat,
you just a punching bag to me,
land those lefts,
land those rights,
take ya man outa sight,
lay him in his grave while hes still alive,
concussed from the uppercut which had bust,
his top lip,a broken nose,i think thats enough,
too much to handle,
ima vandal to the human nature,
and rate ya,by the amount landed,
100% effective,
my opponent lays deffective,
collect him and take him,
before i brake him,
make him feel the pain,
his lifes at stake in this lyrical game.