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Topic subjectWhere Im From (remix)
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59405, Where Im From (remix)
Posted by Homicidal Crook, Wed Aug-16-06 12:41 AM
(Ten crack commandment beat or Where im from, whichever u consider)

Yeah yeah yeah where im from
The Bay! lettin yall know yeah we holdin it down yeah yeah uh huh
We gonna kick that shit like this.....

Yo i be one of those cool cats never seen Fooling around
Brand New Tool tucked ready to put a Fool in da ground
I pulled a couple Juxs that got my pockets juicy an round
So now clouds of dro ho's and dough is how im usually found
You fuckers! better recognize The Bay poppin Off NOW
The Gage Rip ya Side off If you don't watch how you talk clown
So get ya get rich quick scheme up outta ya thoughts homie
cuz hangin with ya crew of sloths only get ya stopped homie
And its a Fact! I got little lines that riddle minds
could spit that complex shit
but bitches don't even get the simple rhymes!
I got that Hot flow it change Temps makes ya Brain tense
knowin IM the Alpha Omega Ima be here when the Game Ends
So dig deeper and come meet ya lyrical Grim reaper
put you in sleeper till ya pulse feel weaker ugh

59427, RE: Feelin it.
Posted by ak_reborn, Wed Aug-16-06 06:33 PM
59476, RE: Feelin it.
Posted by Homicidal Crook, Thu Aug-17-06 06:37 PM
Thank U! i appreciate the feedback.