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59350, you're
Posted by mindful, Sat Aug-12-06 12:17 PM
i think out of all of your posts...

brushing away the dust that's built up on the first few shots
you develop a timeline
cross referencing outfits you loved that she wore
those jeans that always fit right
how many times she made that smile you loved, that particular one
your not watching, your re-living the living
it was there
it happened, you can feel it in your skin
the touch, taste, growth of love

reaching under the bed to dust off the old tape-player
pressing play
you hear a murmur & then a loud cackle
seemed like the room was full
but it was just you two
the simplest things made joy
your reminded by the tones
the tunes
trapped in plastic & metals

maybe an exchange of precious stones, wouldn't rust
wilt as flowers do
plastic flowers don't
spray them with her perfume
dress them up in a simple vase
mist them to make them real

this one is my favorite. there's more emotion here, and the language is beautiful... and it's longer, leaving me full; not hungry for more... Peace~

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l'amour est la médecine fidèle d'un dieu.

i think i feel my skin going scaled.
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