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59282, Open Letter
Posted by Big Jay, Wed Aug-09-06 06:58 AM
‘An Open Letter to All Whack Emcees’

I battle rap on any given Saturday/
I try assault, tomorrow I might try battery/
Attack the track while life runs collateral/
Surreal in rhyme but never literal/
Searching for a vicious tact, I’m inquisitive/
An emcee’s bad memories revisited/
I produce the desired effect with validity/
My adverse; making ‘em go insane criminally/
With my mad verse, I’m intellectually efficacious/
As we face-off like Travolta, I'm leaving ‘em faceless/
There’s no saving grace to save the face to be accurate/
I must be Jesus ‘cause my rhyme conception is immaculate/
Spectacular if I don’t say so/
Myself, but I do with my Cape May flow/
With my ‘between the Atlantic and Delaware Bay’ flow/
I must rock ‘cause I just got topographical/
Opposers - I suppose they’re sordid and metamorphic/
While I whittle away figuratively with metaphoric/
Emcee’s delivery is rough, he bark like a tree/
As I rhyme drop and leave perennially/
Yo, there’s no way to dig up roots or exhume/
I’m sitting cool under the shade with leg room/
Believes he spits heat while I evade Sun rays/
Oh, what do you know, it’s already Sunday/

ps. its all a bit of fun, kinda playing on the emcee mindset...anyone dig the word play?