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Topic subjectThe grey life
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59281, The grey life
Posted by ak_reborn, Wed Aug-09-06 06:48 AM

yo,i catch time in my hands to check my ends,
but all i find is fadey visions of my friends,
bop down to green circles to see how kids be,
nothing but dog shit and old devlopment,
"change can be a bad thing" is what im tellin em,
no colour or contrast,
i try back track to the past,
but the years went so fast,
it was like noone could last,
they had to fall victim to another lie,
now they sittin on 350 a month,
welfare aint enough,
8 year old son gotta hustle,
a 9 on his mind,
and 9 months of serving the com if they cuff you,
shottin tens down at N18,
tryna get around,
elderly are not to be seen,
scared to leave the front door,
too many crackheads and queezy gutts,
50 known a day get cut,
by infected blades,
it just aint the same,
when a 5 year old picks up a syringe,
asks his mum what is this,
his mums is on a crack binge,
stress factor pressures her to smoke weed,
and the cycle continues with her seed.