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59094, BlakBeard
Posted by BlakBeard, Wed Aug-02-06 08:32 PM
yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

i be that alcaholic brolic anabolic steroid
bezerkin out Mcgwire liar always paranoid
sea salt drift so brisk and clean
gutter assasin captain BlakBeard Mcqueen
rabbit punch clutchin my sac
gorilla killa wieldin them artifacts
ancient water slaughter beneath the ocean
bodies bagged daily driftin convulsions
head nod applaud guillotine dissolve
fact of the matter is im right hand to god
and his left____im where jesus wept
tear dript softly lightning strikes connects
i never lie a dead eye for words
accurate passionate abstinence never heard
i gets mine and some head shine
nu buck leather forever the pen lines
ink blot take shots of whiskey
walk the plank blindfolded sober or tipsy
thats heat rock built for hustle
grind gutter dig deep perform above you
the talented gifted freak of nature
a kearse jevon beastin players
i snake eyes to gung ho
flow riptide and pratice my gigalo
its BlakBeard

59096, RE: BlakBeard
Posted by Conscious, Wed Aug-02-06 08:49 PM

You know what just download the mixtape...
And stop complaining about Hiphop...