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Topic subjectAk frame of mind
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59089, Ak frame of mind
Posted by ak_reborn, Wed Aug-02-06 05:33 PM

Yo,I tried,
to defy,
my lyrical being,
'xcept now im seeing,
the frame,
and what it contains,
my aims,
is simple n plain,
not the trife life,
just my life,
football and physique,
mentally,im beyond reach,
reality wise,im the dirt in the streets,
physically,im unable to walk,
but the mouth is power,
and i am able to talk,
i exceed expectations,
but not that of my own,
i feel weak,
but deep down is the technique,
i know its there,
but i fail to grab,
take control,
and make myself whole,
my former frame of mind,
was blind,
its not the state,
its to state,
that my mental state has the ability to witness my fate,
an undergound rapper,
not littered wrapper,
coz lately i been of no use like a scrapper,
my mind,soul body and whole,
blood,veins,cells,genes and sole,
kept me standing even though,
i had collapsed mentally.