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Topic subjectAgainst the ropes
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59086, Against the ropes
Posted by ak_reborn, Wed Aug-02-06 05:07 PM

Yo,they got me sweatin up against the ropes,
jammin alone,to some dope beats,taking some notes,
I try to switch it up,
they turn the heat right down,
from confident to shy town,
once had the lyrical crown,
in London,
where things really matter to me,
shit is upside down,
waiting to taking its turn wit me,
my boy young thug,
he goin to l.a,
chill out wit his fam,
peeps be on holiday,
best bring me back that cap,
just like i asked,
n if not,
well oh well,
it dont matta,
just to see peeps return,
is what im glad for,
stuck alone on this land,
cant walk properly,
a foolish mistake,
now its costin me,
a career oppurtunity affected,
got a doctors appoitment,
and lately i been neglected,
not only by these boards,
my lack of contribution,
is like self execution,
eliminate my presence,
no form of evidence,
just dust,
gone with the wind,
im up against the ropes.