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59017, Artist Formerly Known As---
Posted by Lex_Roofa, Tue Aug-01-06 12:39 AM
Zig zaggin thru enemies with a blade of the century
Inside of ya homes, ya domes be splittin outta fear from me
Rigs and eighteen wheels make sure ya go dummy
Understood the game, but somehow the game don't even love me
As I write this, dawg, I'm calculatin NOTHIN
Pissed off at y'all, and that shit got me worried
Everybody knows that I'm opposed 2a bein hurried, and
Everybody know that I'm makin the money...
Despite me bein broke as hell, I'm talkin this shit
About how I'm grindin, hustlin, with my teeth grit
Money rules the wise, and the stupid juss get dismissed
I'm a scholar of LIFE, for MY benefit
Livin the American Dream! Plus the sentiments
Oath I'm livin by ain't just for the lil kids
Ovens on, but I'm only cookin chocolate
Killin y'all with truth, yet I ain't even speakin it