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Topic subjectMiss Us Much???
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59002, Miss Us Much???
Posted by NFO, Mon Jul-31-06 04:14 PM
What up Freestylers, hope all of you are having a good summer. This time we're not hear to rap and rumble, in fact actually we need a favor. A member of the NFO fam recently posted up this video on the web and is trying to get it on TV:


It's a little documentary about the one and only Rakim Allah featuring exclusive interview and concert footage. Thing is, this video won't make it on to the airwaves unless enough people sign up and give it a greenlight. It only takes a second, and this channel is run by google so trust they already have your info and they're not gonna spam you. Any and all greenlights would be a much appreciated show of support for your freestyle fam. Thanks, and enjoy!