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Topic subjectGoddess of the Sunbeam...... speaks
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58970, Goddess of the Sunbeam...... speaks
Posted by HavoK07, Sun Jul-30-06 02:02 PM

As your love eclipsed the light of the sun, I realized that me and you could become one...
Through rituals and night utterances, flashes of light, a change in sight.. you remained.
You represent the highest love, my chalice, the sacrifice of my heart for the sake of my soul.
"What profited a man if he gain the whole world yet suffers the loss of his eternal soul?"
In my life you represent, the greatest gift... the highest grade...
Perfect people play pivotal parts when participating properly in private pairs. : )
Violet rays streak across the sky, when the mist of the air... combines
with the suns light..
The morning star's rays play games with our eyes, and minds.. but lead us on our daily path to find..... it all..

Say something new you say, say something true....

Love doesn't lie, nor do I..... nor will I ever, nothing I have to hide from you
No secrets for me to keep, I've exposed my life.. my loves.. my joys.. my fears..
you've seen my tears ...
You represent you, you represent me, you represent my beliefs,
You've brought me the fear of the deities, have stricken me and caused affliction
Through you, whom they've chosen.. to bless me with knowledge and strength
So that I may NEVER regress...
This is my worship, my wordship..... my sacrifice, my ritual...
Words send humans in circles, but I send my words.. through you..
to hights unknown...
For my children's sake...