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Topic subjectVocabulary spills/im ill
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58926, Vocabulary spills/im ill
Posted by ak_reborn, Sat Jul-29-06 05:16 AM

Yo,Ak a.k.a valours minion,
If you despise me thats just your opinion,

Yo,When vocabulary spills,
im real,
to another extent,
that compliments my style,
running in this city since a young child,
I flip the style,
like a BBQ burger,
top it off wit sum sauce,
then i be servin ya,
i get greasy like a philly cheese stake,
When i run loose,i put this city at stake,
and eat mcs,
when i come through,
valour,explore the rap game,
wit no fear,
and my mac game,
consumes pain,
Im acid rain,
burn your eye-balls out your sockets,
and decorate the remains,
this citys conceals me,
in its dull surroundings,
but when i explode,
im body-poppin on moutains,
and convince critics,
like fast food gimics,
ive no limits,
so bring it,
and fling it,
and see whose gonna get it,
im ill,
when vocab spills like melted steel,
58933, okay okay say that shit
Posted by Rajeniro757, Sat Jul-29-06 03:18 PM
you already heard it several times so what sense does it make coming from mine.
58952, RE: hey
Posted by ak_reborn, Sat Jul-29-06 06:31 PM

It means alot man,thanks.