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Topic subjectdang my fault zin....
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58922, dang my fault zin....
Posted by Zin, Sat Jul-29-06 02:35 AM
I meant to hit quote but I must have hit edit by mistake. inbox me the flow if ya want & Ill repost it. My Badd! ANy way you can see my reply in #3 - KnowOne
58924, RE: Deep.
Posted by ak_reborn, Sat Jul-29-06 04:16 AM

58960, i feel like i should clanging some food trays right now
Posted by Rajeniro757, Sat Jul-29-06 10:38 PM
on some high school throwdown instigator type shit.
58987, Sun.....I know you cant be serious.....
Posted by KnowOne, Mon Jul-31-06 09:49 AM
>Ill son you like peas corn and a highchair

>I sell speed knott and KOs like ebay
>Till the bold letters beside their names spell out (NOT OK)

Nukka dont disrespect me with these pre-school cruise control flows. You know you spit harder than that. You wanna come at me then dont do it half hearted. I deserve better than that. This dont even deserve a responce.
(Oh and by the way, that whole change the "bold letters by ya name" to what ever line.... aint that like the 7th time you've used some version of that against me? Step ya game up.)

58988, this why you don't fuck with mods lol
Posted by Rajeniro757, Mon Jul-31-06 09:54 AM
i can't stop laughing how you gonna edit his post

i believe you though, Zin gotta have it on back up
58989, lol! I should have replied as alias & it never would have happened
Posted by KnowOne, Mon Jul-31-06 10:14 AM
I hit post and then saw his message was gone I was like "Oh Crap!"
But ya'll know me better than to abuse my power like that. I already inboxed him asking him for it so I can re-post.
58991, whatever it was he prolly wrote it off the top so it'd be gone
Posted by PG, Mon Jul-31-06 11:35 AM
you two still doing your thing though huh? lol... I want someone willing to do three rounds with me right now... but they never do.
58999, nah
Posted by Zin, Mon Jul-31-06 01:47 PM
ion got it ...but it's cool anyway ion need to battle right now ya'll be cool
59001, ok cool. Imma lock it then. Again my badd fam!
Posted by KnowOne, Mon Jul-31-06 02:47 PM