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Topic subjectfamily, i laughed out loud
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58946, family, i laughed out loud
Posted by blaksilence, Sat Jul-29-06 05:29 PM
not lol, but actually laughed at this line:

>back, like the butt of a gat on the back of a black dike

not because it's funny

but because like, where did that come from??

you running around gun butting lesbians fam?

this is nasty as usual tho:

>soul competitor, its the return of predator
>stingy with the credits, I'm bettin they run ahead of ya
>sentences, words and verbs, disturbing instrumentals
>still thinkin its a science, but the hits is accidental
>the structure is empire like, the empire strikes
>back, like the butt of a gat on the back of a black dike
>in ciphers i bless the crews wit a sick verse or two
>and spit out my mandibles, to Dangelo's voodoo
>they scammin, screamin gangsta wit a mansion and a poodle
>dancin in a super fly caddy with fo' rims spinnin
>ten women in two lincolns, driving two pimps grinnin
>be careful cause them feminine licks can be venom
>keep the magnum extra lubricated when you in em
>even if they cinnamon complected and keep you erect
>just keep thinkin bout dat ex and them child support checks