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Topic subjectTo the beat (remix)
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58898, To the beat (remix)
Posted by ak_reborn, Fri Jul-28-06 02:43 PM

Yo,to the beat,one-two-one-two,
to the beat one-two-one-two...

Yo,I flow,
like a river-make ya spine shiver,
similar to an alkaholics liver,
I take time to consider,
what lies ahead,
if its alive-its against me,
if it isnt,its dead,
I predict war,
cold blooded beef,
blood ice cubes,
I roll alone on the streets,
nod to them dope beats,
cotch back at my spot,
and sweat in the heat,
breathe,spit a couple bars to the sound of the beat,

to the beat,one-two-one-two,

I devote my mind,
to hip-hop,
let your ear-drums pop,
and start hyping evertime you see a cop,
I stock,
up on the vocab,
let my mind drag,
from subject to subject,
like school lessons,
writing bars on desks,
bunking from tests,
protests of injustice,
my words never miss,
so intake this,
a lyrical fist,
just jabbed jealous Mc's,
and snapped their wrists,
coz when I hear the beat drop,
i say suttin like this...

To the beat now,whos wit you?
ak from okay,one-two-one-two,
lets go wild,hang wit ya crew,
ak from uk,you know how i do...

I rhyme,
all of the time,
coz when I rhyme,
I attract people like shiney dimes,
the bass line,
the hip-hop,
let your hip-pop,
and start wylin out,
till the beat stops,
and make time to stun,
the viewers,
say im a gun,
but my mouth dont stop,
go on Forrest run,
the breath pursuis,
but i got a short fuse,
so when i get hype,
yall follow my que.

58901, Fire
Posted by empro, Fri Jul-28-06 03:05 PM
You're growning a lot man. Good job, this one was dope ass hell