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Topic subjectlove again
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58889, love again
Posted by k_rockah, Fri Jul-28-06 11:18 AM
its true every moment I love you more
you rascally rabit
we arrived last night
if you don't believe me, dagnabit
but as long as we dance my love
our future we will have it
and as planets shift
and polarities reverse
and no one notices how we dodge the hearst
it seems everybody want to see us fall apart
but baby we just about to start
and as the doubt in your eyes
slowly fades slowly dies
you'll know you've won my heart
you have an infinte uninflateable number of tries
I'll shoot down any number of lies
when we speak it is the truth
and as motherfuckers lost in the dry with no vermouth
we at home knockin boots
reality is confusing but its our love thats moving
no need to reboot