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Topic subjectwho won? F2theN
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58945, who won? F2theN
Posted by blaksilence, Sat Jul-29-06 05:23 PM

illTeknique killed himself with that style.
for a second, i thought he just gave up and started banging on the keyboard.
on some : gsjhgfau.areaf';lfa


short breakdown:

F2theN had weaker punchlines but a better flow.


>Wasting time making threads just testing your sig*
>when you should really be testing the DNA of your kids


everything that illTeknique said is better than what F2theN said.
but the very fact that it took me an hour to get through that shit..makes that the worst shit i've read in a minute.

highlight tho:

>even.with"lock.jaw"he.couldnt.be."~tight~wit~his~s pitz"/

if he changed his style, he'd win.


and i don't need that music.