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58918, here and you can keep the music this for free
Posted by Rajeniro757, Fri Jul-28-06 10:22 PM
>Contrary to your handle, you never had Ill technique
>Talk tough but when you see my bars you will retreat
>Wasting time making threads just testing your sig*
>when you should really be testing the DNA of your kids
>Doctor comes out like ‘I don’t know what to say to him
>But the child that’s he’s been raising is half Canadian!’**
>I handle more beef than the butchers at the grocers
>Best believe you’ll get popped like eggos out of toasters
>Tthe moment I saw that Vegeta Super Saiyan***
>In your avy I knew you would be a super gay man
>I got your bitch mother suckin dick up in my heazy
>When I bust in her nostrils I bet she won’t BreathEz****
>My record’s in the works and it helps when you hate me
>I ain’t MC Fresh but best believe my Demo’s craze*****
>It didn’t take this many bars just to take you down prick
>You need to learn to rap so hit up Axis soundclick******
>*Ill Teknique made a notoriously useless thread which this is
>referring to
>**F2theN is Canadian
>***Ill Teknique has a Dragon Ball Z avatar
>****BreathEz is Ill Teknique’s internet battling crew
>*****Demo Crazee is the name of another board member
>******Axis is the name of another board member

okay F2theN
Igotta give him point for incorperating the board in his piece. The more people can relate to you in a battle the better the outcome. However I'm not from that board so it don't really matter to me, but i give him points anyway. Flag on the play for the super gay man, super saiyan line. I mean yeah it rhymes but we don't say shit just because it rhymes* i don't now and days* I'll let the DNA connecting to Canadians slide. He had some punches but didn't really go at him.

>even.with"lock.jaw"he.couldnt.be."~tight~wit~his~s pitz"/
>n.always.keep.a"nasty.punch"cuz.im"sikk~wit~da~wor dz/

(FIRST OF ALL I GOTTA, SOUND OFF, GET THIS SHIT OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY!! What the fuck is up with this writing in code and mispelling shit. This needs to be on the back of a fucking cereal box. Ask any real writer if they into the booth with this shit in their notebooks. This shit is real cute, the Encylopedia Brown Decoder ring bullshit but it's not for battles. I like to think just like the next man but IlL-tEkNiQu3, who clearly has the same problem with his screen name, needs to take this energy towards his wordplay, metaphors, similes, alliteration, onomatopoeia and so forth.There is so many ways to be creative with a flow other than a Fischer-Price cryptic kit.)

Aight he is a little more creative with the punches. This guy didn't resort to moms or the boards too much. However he did use succeed? suck-seed 4 times and if you have to keep going back to the same shit you need to let it go. Plus we are not writing sonnets connect your shit and make it flow.

I am a punchline guy, so even though it pissed me off for several reasons.