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Topic subjectWelcome back to Freestyle (my NUTS)
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58813, Welcome back to Freestyle (my NUTS)
Posted by Zin, Wed Jul-26-06 12:31 PM
They say the boards been dull since Zin stop shittin
So yep
Once again I’m back with a vengeance
Yep nukkas
You guess it …Get Grown Contingent’s
Loesin …I’m Rick James bitches
Hobitchual …line stepping
I hitt ‘em with the sickness …
I KO noone’s with the key clicks
Back from injured reserve
Serving the curve of this dis~ick …
Nukkas …Get on ya knees and bear witness
Lif …got the crown …but the king still is …
You guessed it
A 100 proof …
My spit’ll
I do damage to ya livers
plus delivery … is sic
even the best writers don’t want parts of this
ask Ric
the king of the flo ..is back to give the boards a no dose ..
and ya’ll blaming it on photo ….yep
I fucked up the script..
Cause I’m the real reason she left …
Cause I shit on newpies …fuck a welcome !!!!!