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Topic subjectProhibition
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58708, Prohibition
Posted by Grah_fik, Mon Jul-24-06 03:15 AM
Fo those who dont know me, the Name's Grah_Fik
Now back To this rap shit
Here to seal this forum up like a fat nick
flows react quick like cops on a crack "Brick"
Not Even opened yet, Still in the plastic
Fresh like that kid is ...damn brand new
And Im a grand damn fool
These "rappers" are all hollow
like some damn bamboo
dont get your clan ran through
like im that champ that flew like a butterfly
and sting like I cut a guy Deep
for tryin to fuck wit my reach
you cant Touch what I speak
Its intangible
But I do keep my hammer full
Give it a hand and pull
to make yo chest burn like moonshine
& That aint just a metaphor for how I fine tune rhymes
It'll all be over soon, Im here
"Rappers" beware!