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Topic subjectProhibition
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58708, Prohibition
Posted by Grah_fik, Mon Jul-24-06 03:15 AM
Fo those who dont know me, the Name's Grah_Fik
Now back To this rap shit
Here to seal this forum up like a fat nick
flows react quick like cops on a crack "Brick"
Not Even opened yet, Still in the plastic
Fresh like that kid is ...damn brand new
And Im a grand damn fool
These "rappers" are all hollow
like some damn bamboo
dont get your clan ran through
like im that champ that flew like a butterfly
and sting like I cut a guy Deep
for tryin to fuck wit my reach
you cant Touch what I speak
Its intangible
But I do keep my hammer full
Give it a hand and pull
to make yo chest burn like moonshine
& That aint just a metaphor for how I fine tune rhymes
It'll all be over soon, Im here
"Rappers" beware!

58720, RE: Prohibition
Posted by Frank Parlous, Mon Jul-24-06 01:29 PM
i like how you tied in the title to the last line
it made me think of hiphop like liqour
being that sampling is illegal

the underground be like the prohibition era?

*did i get it?*


~Nice flow~
58798, RE: Prohibition
Posted by Grah_fik, Wed Jul-26-06 01:26 AM
Not only liquor my friend, but crack and weed are also prohibited items, but yes you were exactly right. Good look.
58724, RE: Prohibition
Posted by HueyNewton, Mon Jul-24-06 02:48 PM
I feel U . .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!