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Topic subjecti don't know what the point is, huey...
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58938, i don't know what the point is, huey...
Posted by blaksilence, Sat Jul-29-06 04:35 PM
good to see you back around.

but truthfully huey, i really wasn't going to say anything. i was just going to ignore it like everyone else.
but i came in here looking for this one post that i wanted to reply to and i couldn't find it anywhere.
i looked for it on almost every page and still didn't find it.

the only thing that i did find was a bunch of 0 reply posts by the people i named.
i'm talking about back to back to back to back. on top of everything.

so i put these questions up.

in retrospect, i should've kept ignoring.

if ya'll are reading...

do yall mehn

pardon me.