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58508, crowded
Posted by mindful, Sun Jul-16-06 02:29 PM
she's so close to him,
smelling the tobacco stench
bedded in his mouth, she decides
to turn and face their window. her
hair is matted from years of half-assed
combing and lack of conditioner,
she scratches it
to somehow remove the thought of him.
*it's so crowded in here* she lies
in bed knowing he'll wake up
wanting to play with her pussy
before their alarm sounds. he snores,
calling his ancestors to their room
and closing the space between them;
her only thought is *i got to
get away* chained to him for
6 years and counting, she has
lost her smell. the woman she
once knew has packed herself up
and gone to heights she'll never

he awakens. arms rustic and tinman-like;
he adjusts the string in his jammies,
slaps his lips together, and pulls
her deep into his chest. she
cannot escape his hold, his grip,
his smell. she cannot escape
this life.

©Tremaine L. Loadholt

Pinwheels and Hula Hoops: my book


no shit in 06.

you should know that
when you smile sincerely
it has a beautiful effect--sunshine