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Topic subjectOn the Verge
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58485, On the Verge
Posted by empro, Sat Jul-15-06 09:31 PM

>The bridge is over on the radio while you was chillin on the

It's the poetic apathetic emcee shootin' out verbs//

In high resolution when I'm pollutin' airwaves with precise execution//

Tha kid is destined to blow like napalm...my mouth is a tickin time bomb//

With no diffusion//I got the whole city in a panic and a state of confusion//

I HIP - HOP with this...Rebuke ya thoughts and hypothesis//

My beginning is your conclusion//

Niggas like how I bust rhymes and flip modes//

Rippin' cats with hot diction & non fiction facts// On beats I explode!!

Corrupting government top secret codes