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58481, Cipher
Posted by Idasa Tariq, Sat Jul-15-06 07:46 PM
8 Bars...lets get it going

Shake ya dirt off ya face, knock ya back in ya place.//
Jaw outta socket, punch bullets that leave more than a graze.//
I'm something like amazing, more than a grace.//
I'm the mixture that hits ya senses, my shit is more than a taste.// more than a sight, can't see my level of shine.//
more than a sound, i hit waves like i bring in the tide.//
More than a feel, I'm like the first time you heard.//
The bridge is over on the radio while you was chillin on the curb.//

58485, On the Verge
Posted by empro, Sat Jul-15-06 09:31 PM

>The bridge is over on the radio while you was chillin on the

It's the poetic apathetic emcee shootin' out verbs//

In high resolution when I'm pollutin' airwaves with precise execution//

Tha kid is destined to blow like napalm...my mouth is a tickin time bomb//

With no diffusion//I got the whole city in a panic and a state of confusion//

I HIP - HOP with this...Rebuke ya thoughts and hypothesis//

My beginning is your conclusion//

Niggas like how I bust rhymes and flip modes//

Rippin' cats with hot diction & non fiction facts// On beats I explode!!

Corrupting government top secret codes
58494, RE: On the Verge
Posted by Idasa Tariq, Sat Jul-15-06 11:24 PM
government top secret codes,uncovered and and leaked.//
like dead bodies behind the dumpster that been there for a week.//
this is not for the weak, this is real shit that you see.//
the kind of shit the politics won't even allow on T.V.//
If they showed yo all the soldiers that died in the war,//
Instead of how many animals on 81 got hit by car,//
you'd be sick to ya stomach, but that's nothing compared.//
to the phone taps and bugs living under ya stairs.//
Revolution is here...
58701, RE: On the Verge
Posted by blaksilence, Sun Jul-23-06 08:13 PM
could ex-plain but the ex-orcism of the ex-plicit
is ex-tra eccentric, 'ezzssential' to the ex-istent
existentialist ex-isting in the best instance
they terrorize cuz they're terrified of how terr-ific...
this spit is...


8 bars?

shit, missed it

which is this?



no diss

but frick this shit


tah-haa-haa.... - k
58703, but
Posted by blaksilence, Sun Jul-23-06 09:00 PM
no fumblin on 'sunday'...........i say what i want
reply more than 99%, and here one day of the month

play, if you 'front' but hey j, play it from 'jump'

o.g. brothers showing green colors, playin it punk

g'head cockblock the ahk, i got pots, raise when i want
like a 5 foot tre, ok player, i stay with the dunks

stay on ya hunt, u clipped leaves, ain't faded the trunk

ma, i joked cuz i love but if you want

i'll take my hatred in lumps.


tah-haa-haa.... - k
58709, eh-hem
Posted by Grah_fik, Mon Jul-24-06 03:36 AM
I sat back on soul sunday / Thinkin bout cold mondays
and figure more than one way to collect some pay/
cause I'll be gone one day/ and the world'll keep spinnin/
but till then/
gots to see my little girl keep grinnin/
and some pearl or peach linnen/ or be on the beach swimmin
and the wommen speak when I'm around/
This a wild world we live in / and Imma keep livin
like tomarrow I'll be under the ground...