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Topic subjectTECHNICAL PROBLEMS - added 01.28.07
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63421, TECHNICAL PROBLEMS - added 01.28.07
Posted by delrica, Sun Jan-28-07 08:43 AM
Post got deleted? Send KnowOne or I a note. It's possible that you've exceeded max new post limit (two a day).

Can't see more than 3 pages? Send KnowOne or I a note. Most likely, you'll need to change your personal settings to more than just the past "x" number of days.

Anything more difficult than that (like you don't have posting access, or you can't reply to something)...send a note to okpdan.

We know precious little about the technical side of these forums.

When you send any of us a note, make sure you're specific in what you were doing (online) at the time of the error (like which post, or which forum if you're sending a note to okpdan) and what the error was. It will helps us pinpoint the problem.

Also...once we purge posts (cleaning up and archiving), the thread is GONE. So if you see a notice about us doing some cleaning, find your stuff and save it before the deadline or you'll lose it forever.

That is all.