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18262, Audio Linking Guidelines
Posted by delrica, Thu Apr-01-04 06:20 AM
So this has been an issue in the past because while we want to hear the audios, the rule of posting links (even to audio) is supposed to be limited to signatures, because by guidelines standards, that's like advertising...which again, is reserved for signatures.

So, after Know One and I mulled this over, here's the new deal.

Effective IMMEDIATELY, we're going to have a weekly post.

ALL AUDIO LINKS will be posted to the weekly thread (that's how the thread won't fall off). This thread will not be anchored...PERIOD.

It is up to YOU to keep the post from falling off. This action is being taken so as to prevent 40-50 posts per week/month/whenever.

We will name Audio links for WE "whatever the last day of the week is" (EXAMPLE: next week's thread will be named "Audio Links for WE 04-03-04").

DO NOT post your link under someone elses. PLACE YOUR LINK IN RESPONSE TO THE ORIGINAL (number 0) LINK ONLY. Why? See below:

If you have reaction to an audio, place it underneath the individual's thread.

Peace out!