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18261, Archiving Guidelines
Posted by delrica, Mon Mar-08-04 08:09 AM
Posts that have at least three requests (none of which can be from the author or their alias(es)) for archives will be archived.

However, when you see that there are threads requesting to be archived, please make sure that you also give either KnowOne or myself a heads up so that we are sure to look out for it.

We don't always catch every request that gets tacked onto a thread, so we do have a tendency to miss things.

To prevent that from happening in the future, we are relying on not only the 3 request minimum, but an alert from someone that there is a request on the table.

*added by Knowone via the other archiving post earlier today*

if you have taken all of the above steps & yet a piece still has not been archived, please bump it & keep it up until it can be. It may be that we are away from our computers (lets say over a weekend or having PC trouble) & by the time we get back & see the alert/inbox its already fallen off. Thanks & a big SORRY to the authors of any archivable pieces that we may have lost.