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Posted by delrica, Fri Oct-17-03 11:38 AM
Big ups to PhotoSynthesis for writing this and submitting it. We've added some things to it, but this is the Welcome Mat. I fully encourage ALL members of this board to read it.

Welcome To OkayPlayer's Freestyle Board!

We hope your visit here will be an enjoyable one.

Feel free to express your innermost thoughts, share your insight and creativity, or flexxx your sensuality and/or sense of humor.

Freestyles/Keystyles are most welcome, so give us your best shot and wreck that wordplay!

We encourage no more than TWO new posts per day in order to allow room for everyone to display their skills & creativity. Please adhere to this request, or risk the possibility of being deleted! -- (An INBOX notice will be sent to you if something is deleted.)

While you're waiting for your work to be viewed and critiqued, please take the time to view and comment/critique others on the board. If you want love, you gotta give love! Please make sure you give real feed back. If you need clarification on something a member has said or implied, then by all means ask them what they meant. Just as you give feed back...expect feedback in return. Even if you do not agree with the feedback you receive, don't sweat it. Your work is just that...YOURS. You don't have to make changes if you don't want to.

If your post hasn't been responded to, do NOT get frustrated and leave the board. There are about 300 posts that people are reading through...including yours. It may take time, but someone is reading your work (even if they're not commenting).

If you see or think of something you would like to see happen with these boards, feel free to post it! This is an open forum and we welcome all ideas. Don't wait for someone else to suggest something...do it yourself.

Other than friendly challenges or battles, any disagreements, misunderstandings or verbal altercations should be handled via INBOX. Please don't upset the poetic balance of this board with name~calling or uncalled~for negativity. Again, an INBOXED notice will be administered to ALL offenders.

Please do NOT try to put one moderator against another. Any decisions made by one is backed by the other and discussed with the other before a decision gets made.

We look forward to seeing your work, your thoughts & ideas displayed freely -- And we hope you'll find compatible pCe's to your liking also!

One Last NOTE: Plagiarism WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If we receive a report in regards to Plagairism, your post will be deleted and you will receive a WARNING for the first offense. There will be more severe actions taken after that if we receive RECURRING reports.

Stop & Drop ------------------------------- Stay & Play!