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Posted by delrica, Fri Oct-17-03 11:38 AM
Big ups to PhotoSynthesis for writing this and submitting it. We've added some things to it, but this is the Welcome Mat. I fully encourage ALL members of this board to read it.

Welcome To OkayPlayer's Freestyle Board!

We hope your visit here will be an enjoyable one.

Feel free to express your innermost thoughts, share your insight and creativity, or flexxx your sensuality and/or sense of humor.

Freestyles/Keystyles are most welcome, so give us your best shot and wreck that wordplay!

We encourage no more than TWO new posts per day in order to allow room for everyone to display their skills & creativity. Please adhere to this request, or risk the possibility of being deleted! -- (An INBOX notice will be sent to you if something is deleted.)

While you're waiting for your work to be viewed and critiqued, please take the time to view and comment/critique others on the board. If you want love, you gotta give love! Please make sure you give real feed back. If you need clarification on something a member has said or implied, then by all means ask them what they meant. Just as you give feed back...expect feedback in return. Even if you do not agree with the feedback you receive, don't sweat it. Your work is just that...YOURS. You don't have to make changes if you don't want to.

If your post hasn't been responded to, do NOT get frustrated and leave the board. There are about 300 posts that people are reading through...including yours. It may take time, but someone is reading your work (even if they're not commenting).

If you see or think of something you would like to see happen with these boards, feel free to post it! This is an open forum and we welcome all ideas. Don't wait for someone else to suggest something...do it yourself.

Other than friendly challenges or battles, any disagreements, misunderstandings or verbal altercations should be handled via INBOX. Please don't upset the poetic balance of this board with name~calling or uncalled~for negativity. Again, an INBOXED notice will be administered to ALL offenders.

Please do NOT try to put one moderator against another. Any decisions made by one is backed by the other and discussed with the other before a decision gets made.

We look forward to seeing your work, your thoughts & ideas displayed freely -- And we hope you'll find compatible pCe's to your liking also!

One Last NOTE: Plagiarism WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If we receive a report in regards to Plagairism, your post will be deleted and you will receive a WARNING for the first offense. There will be more severe actions taken after that if we receive RECURRING reports.

Stop & Drop ------------------------------- Stay & Play!
18260, Official OKP Guidelines - updated 06.19.05
Posted by delrica, Thu Nov-06-03 12:46 PM
I thought that it would be a good idea for us to also list the original guidelines written by Okay Player so folks know what to do and what not to do.

What it is though, playa. Thanks for taking the time to check out the board guidelines.

We know that you, like the overwhelming majority of people who come here, are honest, fair, and have a lot to contribute.

Of course, like most communities, we have some guidelines to make your stay here enjoyable and hassle-free. ('Cause if you break a guideline, your post gets DELETED and that’s a hassle). Please read and follow these simple guidelines compiled by the Okayplayer Fam:

(1) Posting to Okayplayer.com is a privilege, not a right. You must register with us in order to post. If your post gets deleted (in violation of any of the below guidelines or otherwise) do not expect or ask for an explanation.

(2) Posts dedicated solely to advertising on the boards or guest books will be deleted. We generally refer to such postings as SPAM. If you have something you would like to promote (your music, Web site, etc); we advise you do so in the "Signature" space provided in your user profile. Once logged in, please find the profile feature under the user menu.

(3) Content. You know how Okayplayer does. We're not stuffy, and we talk about everything, as seen on the boards and all over the various channels on the site. There IS a difference between how D'Angelo and Luke express things, even though they might be talking about the same act. Watch how you say things in your posts. We like to keep things at the level of Pulp Fiction. If the words you type were an article, could they only be published in a hate or porno mag? Yes? Then don't post them here.

There are several Internet boards that accept any kind of posting. We're not one of them.

(4) About the Moderators. Each forum has been assigned users who have requested to act as volunteer board moderators (mods). These users have been approved by other members and the Okay staff. Please do not blindly request to be a mod. We have them already! So you know, existing mods generally nominate the replacement of a mod who is stepping down. While we generally side with the moderators and the decisions they make, if you have a strong case where you feel a moderator is not doing their job or abusing their power you may contact the appropriate administrator who will review your complaint and choose whether or not to take action (or even reply to you at all.)

(5) For your very first post, whether it be starting a new thread or replying to another, you might want to give a little background on yourself before you type your message. The fam has grown so much now, that it gets a little crazy if people dedicate a whole post to introducing themselves upon taking the plunge.

(6) If you find yourself about to make a post directed to a fellow individual or group of posters, ask yourself, "Wouldn't it be easier to use e-mail?" Posts that are addressed to one specific person (be it another user, Okay staff, or any of the artists we promote) will be removed. HOWEVER , we do allow certain posts made *about* other users such as "birthday posts" and the ever so Ralph Tresvant "appreciation post."

(7) C’mon, player: Don't start more than two (2) threads in a twenty-four (24) hour period* per forum. It floods the board and pushes posts down. Give your fellow okayplayers a chance to have their post read and responded to. If you exceed the post limit we reserve the right to delete all of your posts for that day. You can, however, respond to as many posts as you want.

* The twenty-four hour period begins each day at Midnight Eastern Standard Time.

(8) The "If They Do It For You, They Gotta Do It For Everyone Rule": Do not request favors, information, backstage passes, or free tickets from artists, band members, or staff.

(9) Do NOT make posts telling other players to go read your other posts.

There are a handful of cases where this is fine, such as referencing a related topic in another forum that you want to bring to attention inside a particular thread you’re in. Most of the time you may also start posts in General Discussion about topics in other forums.

(10) Of course you are going to disagree with other people's posts, different pieces of content on Okayplayer or certain points of view being put forward by artists, writers, and staff who contribute to the site. This board would be boring if everyone agreed and nobody challenged anyone on anything. Debate is encouraged. Harassing or threatening someone because you disagree is wack and spineless. Harassment and threats are not tolerated. Your account will be deactivated and we will no longer allow you to participate in our community by any means. Based on our judgment, we may decide to give you a warning before taking action, although we are not required.

(11) If your boy or girl is in a debate with another poster, do not jump in. Let them work out their disagreement. You would/could just make it worse. EX: "Yo! That's my boy! You can't talk to him like that! I'm in this..WHAT!?!" That's a no-no, player.

(12) Please use the search feature if there is a particular topic or person you are looking for. Very handy. Speaking of pressing buttons, please fill out the profile area inside the user menu, so that people know who you are, your gender, and where you reside. This can save a lot of heartaches and "oops" posts.

(13) Similarly, please refrain from starting a different post on the same topic someone had before you. EX: Five threads about the Mos Def album is a no-no and they will be deleted. If there is already one, stick with that one. Chances are, you are not the first to hear a breaking news story and not the first one to post about it either. Please search for an existing post before making yours.

(14) Please read the archives, site updates, and boards as much as you can. The information you seek is usually there. If there are any posts that you feel should be archived, please contact one of the moderators of that particular forum with a link to the post you are requesting be archived that they will then consider. Mods and admins are not required to respond to your requests although will do the best they can to at least look into every message received.

(15) Please refrain from posting beefs that involve you and others on the boards. Keep that to an email or an IM. If it's already bad enough to be a beef, imagine how bad it can get when you involve a whole message board! Personal beef carried out on our site will not be tolerated and participating accounts will be suspended at our discretion.

(16) Ignore the posts you do not like and support the ones you do. Responding to posts you dislike is a waste of energy, time, and thought that could go to an interesting post.

(17) Aliases. Choose one username and stick with it. If you decide you want a different name down the road, you will have to re-register. You can not change your username once you have registered. You can not transfer settings or inboxes from an old username to a new one, including your post count and member status. Obvious “alias” accounts, as determined by moderators and administrators, are subject to deletion.

(18) Copyrighted material. Posts containing links or information pertaining to leaked music (music that has not yet been released to the public by its owner), illegal file-sharing of copyrighted material (music, "warez", or otherwise) will be deleted on sight.

(19) Avatars. Please use your head when selecting the 60 pixel square graphic that appears each time you post. Often referred to as keeping it “work safe”, do not employ avatars that could be deemed offensive, overtly sexual, or hateful in the most conservative of settings. This rule also applies to any links you decide to post or keep in your signature. Again, use your brain... could someone at an office in a major corporation be fired over having an image such as your avatar in their web history?

(20) Spoilers! A quick note about posts that may reveal and therefore ruin the ending to a recently released movie, book, reality show program, etc. The results to shows like “’American Idol” are first aired on the East Coast, don’t spoil it for our West Siders. There is some grey area here. If you really feel it’s warranted to post anything that may be considered a “spoiler,” please preface the subject line with “**SPOILER**.”

If you have any question about postings or our rules, please email or inbox one of our forum moderators. They will be glad to explain them to you IF they feel it is warranted and they have the time. However, they will not argue with you so please keep it cool.

Keep this in mind: You will only get what YOU put into the boards. If you put out negativity, you will get negativity back. If you put out positivity, you will get that back. Treat message boards as you would treat any home you enter. We hope that you consider this yours.


18261, Archiving Guidelines
Posted by delrica, Mon Mar-08-04 08:09 AM
Posts that have at least three requests (none of which can be from the author or their alias(es)) for archives will be archived.

However, when you see that there are threads requesting to be archived, please make sure that you also give either KnowOne or myself a heads up so that we are sure to look out for it.

We don't always catch every request that gets tacked onto a thread, so we do have a tendency to miss things.

To prevent that from happening in the future, we are relying on not only the 3 request minimum, but an alert from someone that there is a request on the table.

*added by Knowone via the other archiving post earlier today*

if you have taken all of the above steps & yet a piece still has not been archived, please bump it & keep it up until it can be. It may be that we are away from our computers (lets say over a weekend or having PC trouble) & by the time we get back & see the alert/inbox its already fallen off. Thanks & a big SORRY to the authors of any archivable pieces that we may have lost.
18262, Audio Linking Guidelines
Posted by delrica, Thu Apr-01-04 06:20 AM
So this has been an issue in the past because while we want to hear the audios, the rule of posting links (even to audio) is supposed to be limited to signatures, because by guidelines standards, that's like advertising...which again, is reserved for signatures.

So, after Know One and I mulled this over, here's the new deal.

Effective IMMEDIATELY, we're going to have a weekly post.

ALL AUDIO LINKS will be posted to the weekly thread (that's how the thread won't fall off). This thread will not be anchored...PERIOD.

It is up to YOU to keep the post from falling off. This action is being taken so as to prevent 40-50 posts per week/month/whenever.

We will name Audio links for WE "whatever the last day of the week is" (EXAMPLE: next week's thread will be named "Audio Links for WE 04-03-04").

DO NOT post your link under someone elses. PLACE YOUR LINK IN RESPONSE TO THE ORIGINAL (number 0) LINK ONLY. Why? See below:

If you have reaction to an audio, place it underneath the individual's thread.

Peace out!
Posted by delrica, Tue Mar-22-05 08:43 AM
With recent changes to the okayplayer.com message boards, no posts will run the risk of ever being deleted or dropped. However, if you are concerned about one of your threads being on the freestyle forum too long (like for copyright purposes), then please inbox either mod (KnowOne or Delrica) and request to have your thread removed.

It will be done within 24 hours of us receiving your inbox. DO NOT put the request in the post, send an inbox, because we may not see your deletion request otherwise. Also make sure you give us the link to where it is or the title of the thread so we know where we're going.


If we receive a thread removal request from someone about another member's post, it WILL NOT be honored.

63421, TECHNICAL PROBLEMS - added 01.28.07
Posted by delrica, Sun Jan-28-07 08:43 AM
Post got deleted? Send KnowOne or I a note. It's possible that you've exceeded max new post limit (two a day).

Can't see more than 3 pages? Send KnowOne or I a note. Most likely, you'll need to change your personal settings to more than just the past "x" number of days.

Anything more difficult than that (like you don't have posting access, or you can't reply to something)...send a note to okpdan.

We know precious little about the technical side of these forums.

When you send any of us a note, make sure you're specific in what you were doing (online) at the time of the error (like which post, or which forum if you're sending a note to okpdan) and what the error was. It will helps us pinpoint the problem.

Also...once we purge posts (cleaning up and archiving), the thread is GONE. So if you see a notice about us doing some cleaning, find your stuff and save it before the deadline or you'll lose it forever.

That is all.