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Topic subjectRE: Beef (Wong, Yuen, Cho) 2023 - Neflix
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747865, RE: Beef (Wong, Yuen, Cho) 2023 - Neflix
Posted by Original Juice, Sat Apr-15-23 05:29 PM
Yup. Once I was able to watch a whole episode uninterrupted, I finished the whole season super fast.

Ali Wong is great in this, but Steven Yuen really surprised me. I always thought he was good, but his performance as Daniel really caught me off guard. He was funny, angry, raging, sensitive, spiritual, petty, musical, athletic, ditsy, nerdy, toxic, and nurturing all in one character. That boy can sing and play, too. I never knew..

David Cho wasn't bad either. It's like he can do anything, too.