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Topic subjectI'll wait to watch it at home
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747785, I'll wait to watch it at home
Posted by High Society, Sat Apr-08-23 04:13 AM
but I am real interested in seeing it.
Shit - I like Affleck a lot as a director lol.

Gone Baby Gone - pretty solid flick, rewatched recently it's held up.

The Town - have seen it quite a few times, I like the action scenes. Ham & Lively kill their roles. I wish it were a bit grittier. I liked a lot of the neighborhood shots, I felt I got a good feel for Charlestown.

Argo - despite the historical liberties taken with the script, it moves at a good pace. Affleck builds tension. He picks good cinematographers to work with.. I like the way all his films look. Though I thought that Live By Night movie was real bad.

I've read this new on looks like a movie made in the 80s, almost like it's got a betamax / vhs quality to it lol.