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Topic subjectAIR (Affleck, Damon, Bateman, Viola, 2023)
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747349, AIR (Affleck, Damon, Bateman, Viola, 2023)
Posted by Heinz, Fri Feb-10-23 11:55 AM

I guess they holding off from showing us who is playing Jordan
747359, I don't know if the world needs another MJ movie, but I'd stream this
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Feb-10-23 09:23 PM
747374, There's been an MJ movie?
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Sun Feb-12-23 07:11 PM
747394, Space Jam is a true story
Posted by pretentious username, Tue Feb-14-23 03:47 PM
747395, LMFAO
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Tue Feb-14-23 06:28 PM
747407, Moonwalker doesnt exist?
Posted by Ceej, Wed Feb-15-23 10:12 AM
747425, I was thinking of The Last Dance
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Feb-17-23 02:14 AM
But now that I think of it, he surprisingly doesn't have a biopic. I'd imagine one would be successful.

While I respect the hell out of MJ as a player, I'm a little tired of his myth. So, that was the sentiment of my initial post.
747370, i hope the jordan reveal is worth the wait.
Posted by Reeq, Sun Feb-12-23 04:00 PM
747396, It's Anthony Mackie. Jk
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Tue Feb-14-23 06:29 PM
747406, lmao i just read he most likely wont be in the movie at all smh.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Feb-15-23 09:43 AM
he will be like a mythic figure looming throughout the thing.
747417, Actually makes sense to me. Makes it clear that this isn’t an
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Feb-15-23 08:38 PM
MJ movie. And to be honest, if MJ would be a supporting character (or even if a main character) it would take the audience completely out of the story seeing someone who doesn’t look and sound exactly like MJ - he’s that big of a star and personality.
747422, Yeah, there is no MJ listed on IMDB
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Thu Feb-16-23 01:28 PM
747375, What’re they gonna do to make a movie about basketball shoes rated R
Posted by Nodima, Sun Feb-12-23 09:14 PM
That’s the most interesting part of this trailer

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747420, LOL
Posted by Brew, Thu Feb-16-23 10:00 AM
747423, Michael Jordan in 85 I traveled with a cocaine circus “ - Gangsta Gibbs
Posted by Amritsar, Thu Feb-16-23 02:15 PM
747775, A shitload of swearing, basically.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Apr-06-23 11:16 PM
747789, Scotty Pippen getting up on his H*@$
Posted by Castro, Sat Apr-08-23 08:37 PM
747414, it looks kinda terrible but I will watch the shit out of it
Posted by ternary_star, Wed Feb-15-23 05:47 PM
747421, ^
Posted by Brew, Thu Feb-16-23 10:00 AM
747429, Sorry, I am way more interested in Tetris.
Posted by Castro, Fri Feb-17-23 07:06 PM
747452, This looks unwatchable.
Posted by spades, Wed Feb-22-23 11:22 AM
I guess I am not the audience because I cannot imagine sitting down for 2hrs to watch this.
747457, same
Posted by will_5198, Thu Feb-23-23 12:37 AM
just chiming in to say it looks like a parody trailer of a shitty movie idea (puff piece commercial for a major corporation) except that it's real

the fact it stars Damon and Affleck, directed by the latter, just adds to my dislike
747458, I'm a sucker for stories like this.
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Feb-23-23 12:52 AM
I'm in.

I'm also curious about what looks so awful others in the post.
747776, Nothing but a feature-length ad for Nike, but it's light, snappy fun.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Apr-06-23 11:17 PM
Affleck and Damon doing a quasi-Sorkin riff, but with absolutely none of the criticism of large infrastructures and all of the deifying of corporate giants. Kickass soundtrack.
747779, i was surprised to see how high the scores were on imdb and rt.
Posted by Reeq, Fri Apr-07-23 07:07 AM
it looked cheap to me from the trailers but its a runaway hit with critics and audiences alike.
747785, I'll wait to watch it at home
Posted by High Society, Sat Apr-08-23 04:13 AM
but I am real interested in seeing it.
Shit - I like Affleck a lot as a director lol.

Gone Baby Gone - pretty solid flick, rewatched recently it's held up.

The Town - have seen it quite a few times, I like the action scenes. Ham & Lively kill their roles. I wish it were a bit grittier. I liked a lot of the neighborhood shots, I felt I got a good feel for Charlestown.

Argo - despite the historical liberties taken with the script, it moves at a good pace. Affleck builds tension. He picks good cinematographers to work with.. I like the way all his films look. Though I thought that Live By Night movie was real bad.

I've read this new on looks like a movie made in the 80s, almost like it's got a betamax / vhs quality to it lol.

748066, enjoyable flick.
Posted by Reeq, Fri May-12-23 04:31 PM
def worth checking out.
748067, I really enjoyed it
Posted by RobOne4, Fri May-12-23 09:27 PM
this type of story is perfect for streaming. Cant believe it went to the big screen at all. Maybe 20 years ago but not now.