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Topic subjectIndiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (James Mangold, 2023)
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746749, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (James Mangold, 2023)
Posted by bwood, Thu Dec-01-22 04:57 PM

FUCK!!! I'm in.
746792, Wow. That legit looks good
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Wed Dec-07-22 12:22 AM
Shout out to Phoebe for getting the role. And Ford looks pretty spry. Didn't know he was in that kind of shape at 80.

Also, there's probably another thread that needs to be made about the lack of male American actors who could pull a film like this off. Granted, this isn't a new IP, but do you mean the studio couldn't reboot the franchise with another actor? Or is the plan for Waller-Bridge to become the new Indy?
746796, Special effects are a hell of a thing.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Dec-07-22 11:09 AM
> And Ford looks
>pretty spry. Didn't know he was in that kind of shape at 80.

Guaranteed they’ll be doing some fairly significant face replacement on stuntmen to make it look like Ford moves younger than he can. He had rather obvious stuntmen replacements on the *last one,* lol— but at least now FX can replace a face a lot more cleanly (Marvel movies do it *all* the time).
746899, Can they find no one else to play a lead role, sheesh
Posted by Beamer6178, Tue Dec-13-22 10:07 AM
Winston Duke would kill this....they could set up a hand off as him being one of Indy's former students but goddamn man...enough with the geriatric greenlighting.
746901, gotta make that money.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-13-22 12:45 PM
indy is an iconic big screen character with multiple generations of fans globally now this point.

do you wanna be the studio exec rolling the dice on a summer tentpole with a less-than-well-known *black* actor who hasnt been a notable draw yet?

i love winston duke but thats a tough sell lol.

plus part of the appeal of indy at this point is his age and grumpiness.
746923, JDW would do well in a role like this...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Tue Dec-13-22 11:21 PM
..the last few attempts were boring at best.

to reimagine the franchise through the eyes/actions of a non-believer/opportunist with a good heart. *The former student who somehow stumbles into an adventure works.

There's only one Harrison Ford. If they want to continue this franchise, its time to think outside the box.

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
746929, Plus theres very few movie stars anymore to lead a franchise
Posted by Heinz, Wed Dec-14-22 10:25 AM
on their own in the same way, especially one like this.
746944, That's what I think they're doing with Waller-Bridge.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Dec-14-22 04:22 PM
Since the 4th movie wasn't especially well-received and certainly isn't well-remembered (and a studio isn't going to put their faith in Shia at this point anymore), they're hoping this one does well enough that it can serve as a "hand-off" of sorts to her character, to allow to get to do the crazy running and stunts and what not.

Will it work? No clue. And studios have tried to do this since the beginning of time with IP-- the old "hand it off to the kid/student/friend/etc" thing. And, like... I can't think of one time it's *actually* worked and the kid became the lead in several franchise sequels? Maybe I'm forgetting an obvious one.
746957, Didn't they try with Lebouf?
Posted by navajo joe, Thu Dec-15-22 11:56 AM
I ask because I didn't bother seeing Crystal Skull. But I remember that being the plan.

Maybe they'll have better luck with PWB. I'll be interested to see what Mangold can do given he makes good genre films but not great ones.

John David Washington answers the question: "What if Denzel had a third of the talent and a quarter of the charisma?" I wouldn't try and build a franchise around him much less try and try to retcon a beloved one with him. Winston Duke I think could actually do it because he has that mix of charisma, rogue-ish charm, and the ability to do not just phsyical stunts but the physical humor.

But trying to recapture what Ford had is nigh impossible (see: Solo, Oscar Isaac in the new trilogy," Chris Pratt in JW, and countless adventure film knock-offs and failed franchises).

They'd be smart to leave it alone and reboot the Brendan Fraser Mummy franchise.

Plus, the move from practical stunts and real locations is overlooked as a reason none of adventure films really take off and why the Indy films (Project A films) stand the test of time. So much of the purpose of the films is to transport the audience to these locations and if it's obviously CGI it loses that effect. I think someone needs to take the approach of the last three MI films and study the opera house sequence and the bathroom fight (and the Langely heist in the first film) to really get a sense of stakes and action serving story/character way to see how someone is doing this in American cinema in the modern era. Hell, the opening parkour chase in Casino Royale. I'd take a Martin Campbell Indy film in a heartbeat.
747271, Bobby Taylor : Mr. Batty, how do you tell a good script?
Posted by normal35762, Mon Jan-30-23 09:20 AM
Batty Boy : Does your character - *die* in the script?

Bobby Taylor : No.

Batty Boy : Then, it's a good script.

Bobby Taylor : But what about art?

Batty Boy : IT'S NOT ABOUT ART.. IT'S ABOUT SEQUEL! One film... one! ! You can make an entire career. Just look at me! Batty, batty, batty!
747272, This one dude had a hilarious, sarcastic, bubble bursting review of the trailer.
Posted by normal35762, Mon Jan-30-23 09:30 AM

I still would see it though.