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Topic subjectGlass Onion. A Knives Out Mystery (Rian Johnson, 2022)
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744889, Glass Onion. A Knives Out Mystery (Rian Johnson, 2022)
Posted by bwood, Mon Jun-13-22 12:29 PM
746655, It's better than KNIVES OUT!
Posted by bwood, Mon Nov-21-22 03:12 PM
Rian pulled off a big task. GLASS ONION is miles better than KNIVES OUT. And the first one is fantastic!

Go in as cold as possible.

Rian Johnson has an uphill battle for the third one that I don't envy. Seeing this again Friday with a sold out audience and I'm hyped!
746675, Really loved this movie. A whole lot of fun (some SPOILERS)
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Nov-24-22 12:41 PM
Took the nephews to see it yesterday and they also loved it.

I agree that this is better than Knives Out, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. This film hits the ground running and doesn't stop, as things are tremendously interesting and funny as hell.

Craig was fantastic as usual, and seems to be having a blast playing the character. I'd be happy to see him play Benoit Blanc for a long as he wants.

This really should be a star-making performance for Jaenelle Monae. She's absolutely great, playing a character that could have been ridiculous in all of the wrong ways. She hits all of the right serious and comedic notes, and never goes over the top. I could watch her play drunk for an entire film.

Norton, Bautista, Hahn, Hudson, and Odom are all entertaining. They serve as great send-ups of the vapidness of the wealthy. In general, this film is great at mocking the cult of personality for billionaires, men's rights activists, and celebrities who complain about "getting cancelled."

And, as a bonus, there are a lot of great cameos. Thoroughly unexpected ones.

So, yeah, one of the best movies I've seen this year, and I'll happily watch it again. In the theater or on Netflix.
746683, If I have a gripe it's that it takes a bit too long in setting everything up
Posted by navajo joe, Fri Nov-25-22 08:24 AM
BUT the movie proceeds to pay EVERYTHING off with the exception of one small spoiler that's funny in hindsight because you expect it to be something but it's not at all which was actually a good choice. It feels the length more than the first film but it also is every bit as economical if not moreso.

I also find the sun-bleached Mediterranean exteriors so hard to pull off in a way that's visually interesting (see also: this season of The White Lotus. Succession did it the best of the three). But that's just a personal thing.

That said, I'm really glad I saw this in a theater. This is definitely an audience movie and I'll probably try to see it again in theaters if I can.

Janelle Monae is so good and you could tell me that film was created solely to capture her image and I'd believe you. She's just has "it" and is so so good here she could/should be the biggest movie star in the world.

I derive a lot of joy out of seeing people being truly happy and I think a large part of why I love these movies especially this one is because of how much I enjoy Daniel Craig just having the time of his life.

I can say without a doubt this is the best Noah Segan cameo in a Rian Johnson film.

I don't quite know if on a whole it's better than the original yet but it's right there and I'm 110% in for another.
746740, re: small spoiler
Posted by Oak27, Wed Nov-30-22 02:49 PM
>BUT the movie proceeds to pay EVERYTHING off with the
>exception of one small spoiler that's funny in hindsight
>because you expect it to be something but it's not at all
>which was actually a good choice.

Are you referring to the random dude who is on the island who pops in several times throughout the movie? Norton's character mentions during the dinner that he placed clues around the island, some valuable, some red herrings, so at the end of the movie I took it as a meta comment on the movie itself. I noticed a few other red herrings as well. Batista's character bumps into someone when he turns around and in hindsight you figure "ah, that's where he got his gun stolen" but when they replay the scene later in the movie the gun is still in his holster.
746746, lol I noticed that bump as well.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Dec-01-22 02:11 PM
Absolutely Johnson fucking with us. It worked too.
747054, I just kept doing mental gymnastics because of it.
Posted by Ryan M, Fri Dec-23-22 06:33 PM
What a fun little trick.
746747, It's fun. Glad movies like this are getting made.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Dec-01-22 02:13 PM
I'm not going to pretend I like these as much as I like Johnson's first four movies, but the Detective Comedies Very Much For Online People genre is a pretty fun niche. (Way better than the Branagh Poirots, for instance.)

Think these would play on TNT forever back in the day-- so Netflix honestly is a pretty good home for them. They'd be good to watch paying attention or good to just have on in the background.

747053, A straight up fun ass ride.
Posted by Ryan M, Fri Dec-23-22 06:32 PM
Great performances all around. Edward Norton was meant for a Rian Johnson flick.

Just way too much fun. It knows what it is and loves it.

Janelle Monae…cmon. She’s so damn talented.
747056, first 2/3 as good as KO. final act fell a little flat for me
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sat Dec-24-22 12:27 AM
still good and im in for a 3rd one. Daniel Craig Foghorn Leghorn is a riot
747057, This was really good and a lot of fun
Posted by calij81, Sat Dec-24-22 12:53 PM
I actually enjoyed it more than the first one.

I hope they keep putting these out. 2 for 2 now.
747059, It just hit me on rewatch that when Miles first comes to Glass Onion
Posted by navajo joe, Sun Dec-25-22 12:22 AM
He's got the exact same outfit/hair as Tom Cruise in Magnolia
747061, Such a great alternative to the SuperHero Movies.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Sun Dec-25-22 11:44 AM
Big Cast Fun Movie that doesn't include SuperHeros.

I guess that Amsterdam and Babylon were trying to do the same thing.

I am not sure I like it more than the first one, I think the plot was a little tighter in the original, but it still was a lot of fun.

And I can't think of a more timely movie. Like how did Rian know we would be hating ELon Musk when he started this in 2020?!?

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
747062, I mean, I don't know if Johnson knew people would hate him...
Posted by navajo joe, Sun Dec-25-22 02:41 PM
but considering:

-Hyperloop debacle 2017
-Infamous Rogan episode 2018
-The Thai Cave debacle was 2018
-Cyber truck announcement debacle 2019
-The report that got the company sued came out in 2020
-He's been attacking reporters who published stories critical of him and his business like Linette Lopez since at least 2018

You don't need to be Benoit Blanc to see him as an immoral moron who'd fooled a lot of people into thinking he was some forward-thinking genius and know it'd be a matter of time before that'd be revealed
747071, Ok, so I'm not crazy
Posted by spades, Tue Dec-27-22 12:52 PM
When I mentioned the Elon comparison to the person I saw it with they were like. "I don't see it."

I was like, even the name sounds similar!

747068, I enjoyed this quite a bit
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Dec-26-22 10:28 PM
Rian can make as many of these as they like. I think it could have done a longer run in the theaters, but as long as they find a way to fund these I'll see 'em.

I liked it a bit more than Death On The Nile, and I liked that quite a bit. My wife is a Agatha Christie fan and enjoys both franchises.

747069, The scene in the living area with the paintings…
Posted by Ryan M, Mon Dec-26-22 11:50 PM
Where the security glass keeps shutting on the Mona Lisa…

Did it give anyone else Boogie Nights/Jessie’s Girl scene vibes?
747072, I really enjoyed this.
Posted by spades, Tue Dec-27-22 12:54 PM
Fun,and funny.

Visible cariacutures of people we know currently.

Daniel Craig killed it.
Monae is just a classic beauty - jeez that woman fine.

I hope he makes 9 more of these. If we can have 5011 Fast & Furiouses

we can definitely handle more of these fun little smart films.
747073, On top of what other folks are saying, the set designs were top tier.
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Dec-27-22 01:05 PM
In certain scenes of the movie, the set design was almost an added character. Very impressive level of detail went into some of the set pieces I'd have to imagine.

Seeing as this is Netflix property, odds are slim to nil this will drop on blu-ray, correct? Reasons I ask are 1) I want to show support for this movie by plunking down some dollars as I did pirate this and 2) I'm still skittish on going to movie theaters because of COVID, so odds are slim to nil I'll see this in a movie theater when this opens up for a wider theatrical release. I was tempted to go see this when the limited theatrical run took places a few weeks ago, but more theaters were packed when I looked to buy tickets online. Sitting in a fully packed theater would unnerve me to no end.