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Topic subjectHorns is a fun read. NOS4A2 has serious Shining vibes
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744873, Horns is a fun read. NOS4A2 has serious Shining vibes
Posted by Cold Truth, Fri Jun-10-22 10:25 PM
Joe created a serious villain for Nos4a2. Horns is beat described as a more “thoughtful” book in the genre, with a layer of dark humor. It will definitely make you wonder how you’re perceived.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what finally got King to do Doctor Sleep. The two books came out in the same year, and the two give small, but significant references to the other.

As far as his novels, those are the two I’d recommend to start.

As always, I recommend the books over the movie/tv adaptation. Horns has a film with Daniel Radcliffe, which is a good watch. I assume you’re aware of the Nos4a2 show.

I’d follow those with Heart Shaped Box, and finish with The Fireman