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Topic subjectAmbulance (Bay, 2022)
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744005, Ambulance (Bay, 2022)
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Apr-06-22 06:06 PM
Beyond fucking stoked. A crazy, colorful, practical-stunt-laden car chase movie from the god of destruction, Michael Bay? I'll be at the IMAX tomorrow night.

Reviews have stunningly been good too. I think the homogenization of most mainstream action films in terms of look and content means that Bay, like Tony Scott before him, will have the critical tide turn in his favor going forward.
744019, The Letterbox'd folks I follow are going ham for this so far.
Posted by Nodima, Thu Apr-07-22 08:54 PM
General audience seems a little more tepid but the people I click with are losing their minds.

Sidebar: I know a guy who worked on the editing of this movie and there's a funny little Easter egg involving a mural of Kobe Bryant to watch out for due to some licensing issues. He said in 30 years of work it's maybe the stupidest thing he'd ever done and submitted it as a joke never thinking it'd get approved and make the final cut.

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744021, Awesome thriller with *insane* drone shots.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Apr-08-22 12:50 AM
Some of the action obviously has the Bay scattershot edit effect, but good lord, there are shots in this thing that are jaw-dropping, and SO MUCH of the action is clearly practical. It's so refreshing to see a guy hanging out of a car who's clearly a stunt double and not just a CGI figure.

Leads do strong work too. Really fun way to kick off the summer.