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Topic subjectIt's not flawless, but there's something there
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744090, It's not flawless, but there's something there
Posted by mrhood75, Sun Apr-17-22 02:22 PM
Full disclosure: I've never played Halo and have zero background knowledge of the game's' story.

A lot of times it feels like they're going for a combo of Firely/Game Of Thrones, but not really committing to either. I find the stuff regarding Spartans or former Spartans the most interesting, but there are flaws involved in those characters storylines as well. For example, I like the stuff with Master Chief, but don't care about Dr. Halsey. Bokeem Woodbine is the best part of the show, part man the Kwan part of the story is awful so far. The stuff with the human who become one o the Convenant has potential, but they haven't done much with it. The rest of the Spartans interactions with Halsey's daughter has been the most consistent part so far.

It's an easy enough watch. It moves along and some of the action is good. I'll see he it plays out the rest of the season.