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Topic subjectThe Last Duel (Ridley Scott, Damon, Affleck 2021)
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743366, The Last Duel (Ridley Scott, Damon, Affleck 2021)
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Mon Jan-17-22 06:05 PM
Roshomon meets Kingdom of Heaven

It just dropped on HBO Max after a disappointing theater run. I remember people making fun of the trailer because it was Affleck and Damon in a historical epic.

But GOT DAMN this is another Ridley Scott history banger. The way they present the story, the set pieces, the script, performances, etc. All fire. I loved this movie.

Not quite as good as The Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut or Gladiator, just a notch below. But i'd venture to say it will get a renewed life once people actually see it. Damn good movie.