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Topic subjectI really enjoyed this movie. I am trying to figure out the divide here.
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743229, I really enjoyed this movie. I am trying to figure out the divide here.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Tue Jan-04-22 02:22 PM
I think people are split on this movie mainly based on whether they found the film preachy. I did not. Mainly for two reasons.

1. I didn't know it was supposed to be about Climate Change. I hear there is critical backlash about the film because the creators said it was a metaphor for climate change and critics thought it beat the message over the audience's head like we are stupid.

But personally, I watched the whole movie and didn't connect it to climate change specifically. Like folks have said, its equally applicable to COVID, Jan. 6. and other big problems that we seemed unwilling to address. BTW, I think McKay limits himself by saying its about Climate Change.

2. I think another reason why people found the film preachy is because people found it to be over the top. I just don't think so. Donald Trump was President. I hated Jonah Hill the way I hate Donald Trump Jr. And the MVP has got to be Mark Rylance. He invented a totally new type of movie villain (who at the same time seemed remarkably real); the nebbish soft spoken technocrat who can be blown over by a light breeze but is also a ruthless self-interested sociopath Bond Villian who would sacrifice billions of people for their own bottom line and god complex. That he was able to roll up Musk, Bezos, Job, Zuckerberg and Cook into one person was amazing.

Think it isn't real read this article about how the Rich plan to survive the apocalypse.


I just really see the US handling an asteroid coming towards us in the exact same way and because I didn't think the film was over the top, I didn't find the film that preachy.

I 100% everything ColdTruth said. I really didn't plan on liking this movie but I thought it was great. The fact that it has people divided makes me think its even better than I initially thought.

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