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Topic subjectAgree entirely. And definitely agree with this:
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743220, Agree entirely. And definitely agree with this:
Posted by Brew, Tue Jan-04-22 12:31 PM
>I don't really see any problems with any of the actors, but I
>have to say I find it surprising to call Chalamet the MVP. His
>character was entirely forgettable and provided nothing of any
>real worth to the film. You could write this without him and
>immediately improve the flow of the film by shortening it by
>few minutes, and lose absolutely nothing of note.

^^^ definitely. I was disappointed when he continued beyond just the convenience store scene, and agree that he added next to nothing to the film.

Don't agree with this tho ...

>He was basically Shawn from Boy Meets World.

Shawn was the fucking man.