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Topic subjectYou nailed it. Particularly this part.
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743219, You nailed it. Particularly this part.
Posted by Brew, Tue Jan-04-22 12:21 PM
>It struggled to get going for the first 20 minutes or so but
>once it established it's tone and it's world it was
>interesting ride.
>It's hard to do this kind of satire right now because of how
>batshit insane everything is. People may feel like this film
>is overreaching or pompous but it's really not far off from
>what we're dealing with now.

This is why I liked Vice as well. Today's repugs and Cheney are such cartoonish villains that it's difficult to make "satire" in the traditional sense, so a lot of it feels like overkill and too on the nose in both Don't Look Up and Vice. But IMO McKay nailed it both times, and always does.