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Topic subjectAll over the place, but like Vice I was never bored. McKay's a bully
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743194, All over the place, but like Vice I was never bored. McKay's a bully
Posted by Nodima, Fri Dec-31-21 04:40 PM
I'm very sure the tonal whiplash was very intentional, but I think sometimes he was just going too hard with scale when it came to some of the montages around the world and some of the subplots. I get that he's telling this huge story where we also can't stop distracting ourselves with our tiny dramas in the face of massive catastrophe but there's just so much of it. Leo and Cate most prominently just felt like a sidebar to give those two some more screentime together but it wasn't exactly The Aviator.

I really had a problem with Streep. I haven't seen her since probably Doubt but she just seemed confused about what movie she was in or what this role was. I just didn't get it. Rylance also annoyed me, he felt like a cartoon character and not even Jonah Hill's "popped a molly now we launchin'" chief of staff felt that out of place.

The biggest laugh this movie gave me was when Chalamet was in the backseat with Leo and Jen on the way to get groceries. Don't Look Up has some really spastic editing that feels broken as often as it works, but that was perfect. Also just dropping his Twitch handle - great callback to Chalamet being an XBox controller modder on stream before he made it acting.

I liked it but don't know why, really, in the same way I disliked Power of the Dog and felt like I was missing something in doing so.

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