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Topic subjectSame, and I was kinda expecting not to like this.
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743184, Same, and I was kinda expecting not to like this.
Posted by pretentious username, Thu Dec-30-21 10:30 PM
I generally don’t like heavy-handed stuff, and I wasn’t a huge fan of Vice, but I this worked for me because the online and real-life responses were pretty realistic. Someone going on TV and screaming “we’re all gonna die” WOULD get meme’d to death before the day was over, regardless of how solid the evidence they were presenting was. A handsome man going on TV and calmly explaining the same danger WOULD be reduced to “Science Bae” or some shit. I think McKay could’ve made it clearer that everyone is guilty of this shit and not just Republicans, but that’s a small gripe.

I didn’t even find it THAT heavy-handed to be honest. They didn’t go full idiocracy here, cause this is about the present and not the future.

I also laughed a lot more than I was expecting to based on the responses. The General charging them for snacks, Ron Perlman being “from a different time,” and the absurdity of the administration and the eccentric billionaire characters were all great recurring bits. There were also plenty of good throwaway bits like “Jackpot Fiancé” and the President forgetting her son.