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Topic subjectFucking FIGHT ME, Frank
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743170, Fucking FIGHT ME, Frank
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Dec-30-21 02:07 PM
lol, stop being so damn civil. As passionate as you are about this medium, roll up your sleeves and dig into the discussion with the rest of us.

Do you and all, but there's so much meat to chew on. You doubtless have well-reasoned counterpoints to all this. Why not fully engage with that?

>Between being pro-Matrix sequel, anti-this, and very neutral
>on the Spider-Man sequel, I’ve certainly felt on an island
>during December 2021, lol.
>I’m glad people are digging this, as it’s always more fun
>to love a movie than hate it. I’m sadly not in that camp,
>but hey, God bless.

goddamnit this just makes me sad lmao

I know the feeling too well.

I enjoyed Movie 43. I'm pretty sure I am, as close to literally as humanely possible, the only person who liked that movie. It does not get any lonelier than that particlar island lmao.

But yeah, 'twas not the season for you.

Did you see Sing 2 yet? I'm waiting to catch that one with my daughter.