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Topic subjectFeels like prequel to Idiocracy. I loved it. Spoilers.
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743129, Feels like prequel to Idiocracy. I loved it. Spoilers.
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Dec-29-21 03:28 AM
I think I'm the polar opposite of Frank on this.

I don't see anything remotely patronizing about it.

It's very on the nose and presents an all-too-real mirror to our own world. It was satire, however it was satire in a way that strongly resembles Tina Fey's Palin "bit" on SNL.

While it doesn't parrot, word for word, beat by beat, any specific event, it gave us an only slightly exaggerated depiction of the selfish, narcissistic inclinations of our society, right wing politics in particular.

What's the problem?

This was cathartic, if you ask me. Therapeutic.

We got our would-be heroes dealing with their increasing disbelief and terror, as they watched a selfish, feckless, government- in bed with big tech- drive us straight into a world-ending cataclysm.

Again, what's the problem?

I contend that this simply hits too close to home. It's a little to real.

Ditto the thoroughly aloof news media.

And we saw DiCaprio finally snap, quite literally screaming at the world, trying to get them to pay attention to an imminent, inarguable, and empirically settled problem.

Again... what's the problem?

This works well beyond the hyper-meta MAGA/climate change denier/antivax/etc commentary. Anyone dealing with grossly inept, uncaring or just flatout reckless leadership in any capacity, particularly in the workplace, can relate because that's a lot like this.

I don't really see any problems with any of the actors, but I have to say I find it surprising to call Chalamet the MVP. His character was entirely forgettable and provided nothing of any real worth to the film. You could write this without him and immediately improve the flow of the film by shortening it by few minutes, and lose absolutely nothing of note.

He was basically Shawn from Boy Meets World.

The prayer was whatever. It's believable, to be sure, but that moment would have been infinitely more moving had it been given by a character who didn't believe in a god. Frankly- pun unintended- I thought it presented one of the most mundane choices in the entire film. Had that prayer been given by either Mindy or Dibiaske, it would have had some weight to hear them muddle through a heartfelt yet half hearted foxhole prayer.

I don't see the buckshot either. While there was a bit of broad, across the board ignorance on display, such as the sheer shallow awfulness of Ariana Grande's character this shit was largely focused on the Fox/MAGA/GOP crowd.

This thing offered an awful lot of good, and a lot to chew on.

The ending was a fantastic choice too. The lil epilogue scene was whatever, but letting the whole thing get blown to hell was the right move IMO. There was no saving that world, not with the people in charge being who and what they were. Maybe there's no saving ours either, but time will tell.